Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tenleytown Sees a New Restuarant on the Horizon

A posting from the proprietor of the replacement for the Dancing Crab on 41st Street in Tenleytown announced the coming Lounge:

First of all our business will not be called "41st Street Lounge" and it will not be a nightclub...However, the style and
atmosphere of the restaurant will be different from all the others in Tenleytown. The Restaurant will have a more modern look and more relaxed feel. Many of you enjoy going out to eat, right? Ok, so you go out to eat. You finish your dinner and then what? At our establishment we want you to linger and the design of the place will encourage you to do so. That is where the word "lounge" comes into play. Our goal is to create a place where customers can "make an evening of it" and not just another place where you eat and feel as though you are being rushed out the door and then left to your own devices. We hope to be open around the beginning of 2008.

The post came in reponse to some misconceptions surrounding the new place, including fear of late night noise and traffic as well as parking concerns.

Others were quick to point out the need and benefits of such additions to the neighborhood. One member of the listserv provided interesting and refreshing insight into the benefits of new additions to the community:

Tenleytown is far behind its neigboring communities in terms of the amount and quality of amenities a community with such diverse, affluent and cosmopolitan residents as ours should have. Our retail has many dingy and lackluster spots (e.g., multiple mattress stores...), our dining options are limited and primarily low-end, nightlife opportunities are even more limited than dining AND we have far too many empty storefronts. Whole Foods and the Best Buy complex are great but once you've got your organic wheat-free muffins and your printer cartridges fully stocked, for many other needs/wants a lot of folks will find themselves leaving our neighborhood for better choices elsewhere...

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