Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Important note from CMDR Andy Solberg, MPD

I want to alert the community to what seems to be a pattern of three robberies that have occurred since Monday night. All three robberies seem to be related by suspect and victim and location.

On Monday night, April 16, at about 6:15 pm, a man jogging alone at 39th St. near Rodman St. was robbed when a group of four or five young men between the ages of 13-18 attacked him as he ran past them. They knocked him to the ground and stole his Ipod. The young men are described only as being black males, wearing dark clothing, one of whom may have been carrying a back pack.

On Tuesday night, April 17, at about 7 pm, a man who was walking alone was approached by a group of three young men on Wisconsin Avenue near Fort Drive, one of whom produced a knife and robbed him of his Ipod. The suspects are described as being between the ages of 15-16, black males, wearing dark clothing and were last seen southbound on Wisconsin Avenue.

At about 10:30 pm the same night, a group of three suspects who fit the description of the 7 pm robbery attempted to snatch a Blackberry cell phone from a man who was walking alone in the 4200 block of 39th St. They were unable to grab the cell phone and were last seen running south on 39th St.

We do not have nay leads yet in these three cases but our detectives are working on the cases.

We ask that all residents who need to be out in the evening in the area along 39th St and the Wisconsin Avenue corridor from Porter St. to Fort Drive or Yuma St. please be especially alert to your surroundings and especially be aware of groups of young men in this age group.

If possible, walk with a friend or neighbor, and we recommend that in any instance of a robbery attempt you surrender your possessions without resisting in any way. No item you own is worth risking injury for.

Thank you,

Andy Solberg
Commander, Second District

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