Monday, June 17, 2013

ANC 3 D to discuss New Mexico Avenue Bike Lanes

In its long running interest and control around the American University campus, ANC 3D will once again take up the question of the New Mexico Avenue bike lanes. Previously, 3D objected vigorously to elements of the AU Campus Plan. The long proposed bicycle connection between American University and Glover Park has been at issue for reasons ranging from existing traffic conditions and volume of curb-cuts to pedestrian safety and loading zones.

According to the Current, the last time 3D took this up, then Chair Tom Smith objected:

Commission chair Tom Smith added a further concern: Residents on the east side of New Mexico Avenue backing out of their driveways would need to pass through the bike lane.

This is an important transportation link between the two neighborhoods; the street is more than wide enough to incorporate the design modifications envisioned by DDOT and bicycle advocates.

The meeting will take place on Monday, June 24, 2013, approximately 7:15 PM at the Sutton Towers Community Room, 3101 New Mexico Avenue.

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Drewguy said...

I count zero driveways on the east side of New Mexico Ave. that would require backing out of. All of the driveways are for large buildings (apartments, townhouses, offices, etc.) that have two-way flow and allow cars to pull out heading forward.

There are a small number of residential (single-family homes) on the west side with driveways, but the bike lanes is proposed only for the east side--the west side would have sharrows. Besides, those drivers still have to pull out into traffic, regardless of whether there's a bike lane.