Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear DDOT, How Did this Happen?

Former ANC Commissioner Chris Fromboluti posted the following on the Chevy Chase Listerv:

Dear ANC Commissioner Henry Griffin:

Recently I returned from a short vacation to find that Kanawha Street had been made one way Eastbound between Connecticut Avenue and 38th Street NW. I have polled a number of neighbors and residents of the affected block and all are annoyed at the change and none had been notified nor informed that this change was in the works.

This new traffic pattern is very inconvenient for all who live in the immediate area. It means that residents can no longer turn onto Kanawha from Connecticut but have to take a roundabout route to get to their destination. This in turn adds traffic to the streets that we now have to detour through. It just doesn't make any sense.

Per my experience as a former Commissioner, any change to street configuration is always vetted with the affected neighborhood to gauge citizen reaction before it is enacted. Were you or the ANC aware of this action? If yes we would appreciate knowing why no-one was notified in advance. If, as I suspect, you knew nothing about this I would appreciate an investigation into this very irregular procedure.

So if this is correct, DDOT, possibly in conjunction or advice and consent of ANC 3/4G Commissioners, has altered the configuration of a street in the grid in upper Northwest to be one-way, causing residents to significantly alter their driving patterns adding unnecessary traffic to adjacent streets. This appears to be without any notice to the community for discussion. To wit, a quick search of the ANC 3/4 G website suggests nary an agenda item or minutes indicating any sort of public notice.

Rumors in the community are that the local Single Member District Commissioner was fully aware and advocating for this change.

Seriously, how does this happen without a peep to the broader community? What happens if or when other residents or ANC Commissioners decide they want significant changes to their streets? What is the process for making a street one-way? Was Councilmember Cheh's office aware of this?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

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IMGoph said...

one-way streets are a bane of a smart grid in the city. they just work to make traffic move faster on a given block, and it's the first step to turning it into a traffic sewer. terrible thing to see happening. we should have fewer one-way streets, not more, in the city.