Thursday, June 09, 2011

Service Lane in Cleveland Park

A petition was posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv recently in response to discussion regarding the "service lane" on the east side of Connecticut Avenue between Macomb and Newark Streets in Cleveland Park.

The lane was created during the early "automobile era" when planners assumed that the provision of auto facilities would create a business-friendly environment. Cleveland Park is home to an early example of the auto-centric strip mall.

Petition organizers suggest that restoring the broad sidewalk will enhance the pedestrian experience, provide more lively streetscape in the form of outdoor seating for restaurants and enable the many neighborhood visitors to enjoy the commercial strip without being crammed into a pedestrian facility that is at many times of the day inadequate for demand.

Opponents suggest the retail and service businesses along the strip would not be able to survive without the necessary parking, or in the alternative, that a reconfiguration would push more vehicles into the residential areas.

What do you think?

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