Sunday, May 15, 2011

Developments on Wisconsin Avenue

The Washington Post has two storied related to grocery stores on Wisconsin Avenue:

Jonathan O'Connell updates the latest on the Tenleytown Safeway. According to reports, Safeway has moved forward with a mixed-use development, but is still working with immediate neighbors on details.

Meanwhile, Lori Aranti provides provides details on the latest in the Giant redevelopment in Cleveland Park. It appears as if final arrangements are being made to commence construction despite the ongoing appeal by some local residents.

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Green Cleveland Park said...

The most interesting part of the story was that Giant hasn't found financing or a partner to move forward. The reason that they are evicting Sullivans and the other tenants is that a completely vacant site will be more attactive to investors. But if they don't find any, the community may be left with two vacant blocks. Hopefully not, but Giant kept the stores south of its supermarket empty for the last 10 years.