Thursday, July 29, 2010

Storm Clean-Up

The DC Department of Public Works has made the following suggestions regarding storm (and loss of power) clean-up:

We understand that you are clearing up yard waste from last weekend's severe storm and many of you also suffered the loss of electricity, which has led to spoiled food. The Department of Public Works wants to help by collecting the smaller tree limbs and branches, spoiled food, and the recyclable food containers. Check for your neighborhood's collection(s).

We ask you to do the following:

Yard Waste - Please cut limbs into 4-foot lengths, bundle them and place the bundles with your trash. In Supercan neighborhoods, yard waste will be collected on your regular trash collection day. In twice-a-week neighborhoods, yard waste will be collected on your second collection day. These collections are subject to available space in the trash trucks.

Spoiled Food - Please empty recyclable glass, cardboard (juice boxes, etc.) and metal food and beverage containers, rinse the containers and place them in your recycling bin(s) or cart(s). Place the spoiled food in your garbage disposal or a sturdy trash bag. The bagged food should be put in your trash can and placed out for collection on your next collection day. Recyclables are collected in Supercan neighborhoods the same day trash is collected. In twice-a-week neighborhoods, please put your recycling containers out on your scheduled collection day.

Of course, providing this information concurrent with actually receiving power would have avoided the mess that is now smelly alleys and other issues. At least it is here, now for future reference.

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