Sunday, May 23, 2010

CPCA: An Update

Many may recall the contested campaign and election last year between the Unity Slate and the Reform Slate for the leadership of the Cleveland Park Citizen's Association. The Unity Slate won, ostensibly because of the endorsement and support of the previous leadership in the form of direct campaigning by former board members and interested members, and rides to the polling place for selected voters.

According to sources, after the better part of 9 months, there has been little to no progress in many of the promises made by the Unity Slate to provide open discussion and rule making for the organization. The conditions are so dire that one long time Cleveland Park resident and community archivist has decided not to run for an office this spring.

Part of the rationalization is that Many people have told me that I am wasting my time with what is really a club for 30-50 home owners on Newark and surrounding streets that get to play with the dues of almost a thousand others and pretend to represent all of Cleveland Park.

This has been a wasted opportunity for an activist community to show the District of Columbia how good governance can prevail in a small neighborhood setting. It is certainly chilling for the prospects of an organization that will certainly try to speak for the community again in the future.

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