Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tenleytown Insurrection

Greater Greater Washington covers the great Tenleytown Snow insurrection of 2010.

Aimed at shoveling scofflaws, the goal is to make passage for pedestrians easier while also shaming property owners into doing the right thing, as well as complying with the law.

Stay tuned, as current weather conditions may postpone the anticipated 4:00 meeting time at the Tenleytown Metro station.

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Lycan R1 said...

All the fine work private contractors did on the sidewalks on Massachusetts Ave on Embassy Row and the intersection of Massachusetts & Wisconsin were destroyed at 2AM Friday, just a moment ago.

Two guys, one with a truck and the other with a huge frontloader just cleared the second lane and heaped about 15'+ of snow onto the sidewalks in several spots, blocked the turnaround at Alban Towers with a huge 7'+snow/ice block. The once cleared path to the bus-stop is demolished. The corner is IMPASSABLE. Residents practically have to walk out the back of the building, back to the front to walk in the street.

Odds are this was for morning commute, but come on, we have alot of residents using/walking to and from METRO. This was not thinking ahead at all, and I was just so happy with the snow response by the District. Over all, great job, but this morning, forget it.