Thursday, January 14, 2010

Streetcars on Wisconsin Avenue?

At the January 14th ANC 3B (Glover Park/Cathedral Heights) meeting, the Commission discussed the issue of Streetcars on Wisconsin Avenue. DDOT has begun the infrastructure construction for a streetcar system in parts of Wards 6, 7 and 8. The system map shows transit lines crisscrossing the greater downtown and 'East of River' areas. The Ward Map Boards" (PDF) show a possibility for a future extension from Georgetown up Wisconsin Avenue.

One Glover Park Listserv contributor has outlined several reasons why this is a good idea and how it can work. This is an exciting opportunity to bring the areas of Glover Park, and possibly upper Northwest "Back to the Future" by returning streetcars back to communities that once had them.

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benthielen said...

I encourage anyone who wants to support a streetcar route from Georgetown up Wisconsin Avenue to the metro stations at Tenley and Friendship Heights to join the Wisconsin Avenue Streetcar Coalition on Facemook. A Wisconsin Avenue streetcar route will provide more mobility options for area residents as well as reduce congestion, pollution, and encourage infill development along this corridor.