Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tenley-Janney PPP: A Decision?

This note from ANC 3E Chair Amy McVey was posted on the Tenleytown Listserv:

I have just learned that, despite overwhelming and well-founded community opposition to proceeding with a public-private project at the Janney School/Tenley-Friendship Library site, DMPED has decided to move forward and hopes to partner with LCOR. Janney's LSRT/SIT, Friends of the Library and the ANC as well as at least 5 other community organizations have all indicated their vehement opposition to this plan. This will delay the reconstruction of the library by a minimum of two years and significantly compromise Janney's exterior facilities needs, while seriously disrupting the educational environment at both Janney and St. Ann's during the multi-year construction period.

I urge you to contract Mayor Fenty IMMEDIATELY and to voice your opposition to this recommendation. In the end, the decision is the Mayor's. Let him know that you understand that and expect him to pull the plug on this ill-considered and unnecessarily destructive project. CM Cheh should be urged to transmit a similar message to the Mayor. Without her support the Mayor is unlikely to go forward with DMPED's recommendation.

Please pass this on to your organizations and to any interested people you know.

This is not a time to rely only on email. Call and complain. Do both!

Since there has been no official announcement, and since no one has seen the plans, such calls to oppose the project seem at best, premature.


IMGoph said...

i hope it this does come to fruition. i know there is opposition, but a plan that relies on he tenets of smart growth is what's best for the city, and ANC members swore an oath to do what's best for the city as a whole, not just their ANC or SMD.

gregorymelody said...

Why are you opposed to the Commerce Bank at Tenleytown -- Dupont Circle is a commute for Ward 3 residents.