Monday, September 24, 2007

Pedestrian Accident in Cleveland Park

More as details come in, but there has been an accident in the vicinity of Newark and Wisconsin Ave this afternoon. It seems an MPD Cruiser struck a pedestrian. This from the Cleveland Park Listserv:

I have recently learned of a tragic accident in which a pedestrian was hit by a Metropolitan Police Department cruiser in the vicinity of Wisconsin Avenue and Newark Street. I have contacted MPD to gather whatever details I can, and am awaiting further information from Commander Solberg, information which I will then forward on to you. I can report that the pedestrian has been hospitalized in
intensive care.

I also intend to meet with both MPD and Department of Transportation officials to address this busy area and the lack of safe pedestrian crossings. In the meantime, please be safe while crossing the street, and I will be in touch as I learn more.

UPDATE This from Commander Solberg of MPD:
This accident is under investigation. At about noon today, a pedestrian struck the passenger side front door area of a police car that was traveling south on Wisconsin Avenue. The man lives nearby but we are not releasing his name at this time. He is currently in surgery at a nearby hospital and in serious condition.

Best wishes to the victim.

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