Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Development Protest Scheduled

According to the February 28th issue of the Northwest Current, and organization called the Alliance for Rational Development is planning a protest of the Akridge Real Estate Services proposal to develop a used car lot located at 5220 Wisconsin Avenue.

The protesters claim that the proposal is too big and doesn't factor in the development taking place in Friendship Heights, MD, right across Western Avenue.

There has been some dialogue on the Tenleytown Listserv about elements of the proposal:

An initial posting discusses "hiking trails and parks" and other amenities tied to the City Line (Sears building) project. Where are there hiking trails in Tenleytown? That post also refers to the 5220 proposal as towering 100 feet over the street. According to the website, the proposal is for a 79 foot (at parts) structure. Compared to the 9-13 story buildings on Connecticut Avenue, this seems paltry.

The discussion about parking with respect to these developments, on the Tenleytown listserv is very interesting.

It will be interesting to see the results of the protests.

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